Update 1.4.1 - Megaquest Compatibility!

The awesome modder TheMysticSword has updated their mod, Megaquest! This hotfix makes More Fluff compatible with this mod, by renaming an item, rejiggering some sprockets and anticalibrating the doohickeys. Note that More Fluff items don't appear in the episodes with changed equipment - The World and Mega Quest, unfortunately. Not much I can do about that though!

Also note that in order to run both without horrendously setting the game aflame, you need to load Megaquest AFTER More Fluff.


This should be the contents of your diceydungeons.bat file: diceydungeons.exe mod=morefluff,megaquest

A couple of other bugfixes, while I'm poking around in the code:

  • Nail Gun's description is fixed
  • Solar Beam isn't a horrendous mess anymore
  • Updated localization files
  • Removed Herobrine

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