More Fluff 2.7 - Happy Fluffiversary!

Exactly 1 year ago, at 5:34 PM, I uploaded the very first build of More Fluff! It was a pretty rudimentary build, but I had fun making it. It's one of the reasons I love Dicey so much - the day I picked it up, I thought to myself "whoa, this game would be great for modding".

None of the equipment was particularly... balanced, but that just added to the fun! It was a place to get some ideas down on paper, and modding was pretty simple back in the day - tack on "reduce countdowns by []" to a MAX4 weapon and you're golden. Fast forwards to nowadays though, and I've got items that have ~50+ lines of code!

I'm amazed that my mod's gotten so much support over the months, having videos made about it from creators like Retromation and Olexa, and even having a few items snatched and added to the base game. (wrecking ball is OP with the upgrade being two uses instead of an increase to MAX5/unrestricted, don't @ me)

So, on this joyous anniversary, I've decided to celebrate in the only way I know how - adding another ~100ish equipment and changing the colour of the icon again. Enjoy!

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