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More Fluff - does what it says on the tin.

This is a mod for Dicey Dungeons, which adds 700+ new and "exciting" items. It injects these into the default episodes, so all you need to do is install the mod and play the game normally!

From the unassuming Paintbrush, to the mathematical Primal Punch; survival-heavy Regen or the risky Really Spiky  Shield; the pun-worthy Pee Shooter or Gooplicate... there'll be an item for you!

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and place the morefluff folder in your mods folder - Dicey Dungeons/mods. Open the game, go to the Editor, and enable the mod.

To make a shortcut for this mod, create a batch file which runs diceydungeons.exe with the parameter mod=morefluff.


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I love the new card packs for the jester. While playing the Robot, however, I've found that the game crashes whenever I play Lockdown.

Thanks for the bug report - this will be fixed in the next update, pretty soon!

Another bug I found: the robot item 'Superconductor' does not unlock during Autoroll or a natural Jackpot, making it completely unusable.

Is there a place that I can go to , to see all items that are added.

https://pastebin.com/MKLwsCQs should be a pretty comprehensive list!

How do I fix "missing meta" and "missing icon" warnings? I get these warnings when I try to load the mod despite the respective files being in the folder.

I've run into this issue with other mods, but strangely not the Cauldron Mania mod.
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That's a weird one! I think that errors like this happen when you change the mod path. Try resetting it to Steam/Dicey Dungeons/Mods?

It didn't seem to do anything. However, the mod works if I select the morefluff folder itself but not if I select the Dicey Dungeons mod folder, so I can only run one mod at a time.

Your problem seem to be that you nested the file wrong.
Your path should be something like that: .../Dicey Dungeons/mods/morefluff/(all the other files of the mod)

Not: .../Dicey Dungeons/mods/morefluff/morefluff/(all the other files of the mod)

Now the general mod path should be : .../Dicey Dungeons/mods

Hello! This mod is phenomenal and I pretty much use it religiously when I play this game. I'm just reporting a bug with the Urumi item- the upgraded version doesn't reduce countdowns on odd-numbered dice like it's supposed to.

Oh, nice catch! It seems to be reducing countdowns on even dice instead, whoops. I'll have a fix out for that soon - thanks!

Deleted 86 days ago

Oh, I didn't realize this was a mod. WHOOPS.


How exactly do I run this on Windows?

how do i update the mod api? mine is 0.11.0, but  your mod is at 0.13.0

Update your game!

it fixed, but i am trying to run your mod with megaquest mod (wich is said to have compatibility with yours) and it says both of the mods are duplicated

No, Megaquest isn't updated to the latest version right now.

Zweihander unupgraded doesn't do double damage.  Expose weakness doesn't increase the damage numbers when you hit an enemy, but still boosts the damage.  And also, Zweihander plus midnight charm, especially if it's upgraded, is op.

Zweihander does do "double" damage - if you put two 6s into it, it deals 2x (6) damage. This is consistent with other doubles items - Sneeze, Lunasa, Skeleton Key, Memorise - they all take doubles but only refer to a single dice.

Well, it's confusing then, because the number on the card that says how much damage it's going to do counts up to twice the total of the dice you put in, so it makes you think if you put in 2 6s, you would deal 24 damage.

Fair enough; I'll change that for the next update (which is coming in a few minutes)

Great mod! just a bug i found, Origami+ only returns one dice, even when using it correctly.

Oh, good catch, thanks! Quick enough fix though - I'll add that to the list for a future patch (probably next week)


This is awesome! I can't wait for the Dicey dungeons modding community to ignite, and this'll keep me interested for a long time. As far as i played it i've enjoyed all the new items! Due to the amount it makes synergies a lot easier to get, while all of them feel unique! this has inspired me to begin modding dicey dungeons, i'll learn eventually and really, Great mod! But one thing is, did you add any items for the bear?

Unfortunately you can't add bear items currently - hopefully this becomes possible at some point!

Can't wait to try this! thanks for your hard work!

Uh... any dates for the download link release? Or at least drop one for a older version of the game?

I'll get the download link ready as soon as I can - there's a lot of stuff that needs to be updated from previous versions.

it's out!

Where's the download link?


No download link for now - working on updating this mod!