Update 1.4.0 - Perfectly Balanced...

So, Dicey Dungeons has finally left alpha! Meaning that there's not going to be many updates for a while. Also meaning that I'm going to be beta-testing a lot of new content and working on getting my mod ready for the full release. So, here's one final patch with a ton of bug fixes and balance changes! This patch is mostly dedicated to getting an absolute buttload of balance changes out there. Some items were OP, some were underpowered, some were literally broken... hopefully this patch will change that.

Some bugfixes:

  • Text's been fixed on some items, notably Jack's Pot and Blender
  • Some niche upgrades/downgrades now read correctly
  • Mimic doesn't break the game!
  • And plenty more other small things - hopefully I've caught most of the edge cases.

29 items have been changed, from a balance standpoint! From the problematic Resonator, to the staple Swordstave, quite a few items have been given the nerf bat. Some niche items have gotten significant buffs though!

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