Update 1.2.0 - Bugfixes and knockoffs

A new update has been released, adding 25 new items, and ushering in a buttload of new changes, bugfixes and other... stuff!

  • New knockoffs based around the "deal [] damage, status on 6" items - Mallet, Trowel, Cat O' Six Tails, Icicle, Healing Shiv, Venomous Goop...
  • Quicksilver and Quicklime - huge benefits, if you don't mind poisoning yourself
  • Bolster - crappy item that helps you at the start of battle
  • Doppliduplicateinate - hopefully I've spelled this right

Some bugfixes, including:

  • Rend no longer crashes the game as Witch
  • Inventor's level 5 reward now actually shows up
  • Fixed the upgrades to Unnatural Charm, Shield Scrap and Electroplating
  • Superbolt now correctly deals Shock damage

Balance changes:

  • Swordstave+ now just inflicts 2 of the status instead of having 2 uses
  • Mystery Box now gives you a ton of new items!
  • Paintbrush+ and Natural Charm+ now have 2 uses per turn
  • Shatter nerf - 2 slots was a smidge too strong!


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Apr 08, 2019

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