Update 1.1.0 - even more fluff!

So, this has went well so far! Shattered Universe did a video showcasing this mod and I haven't had TOO many issues thus far!

This update just adds some more... fluff, basically. There's been quite a few buffs, nerfs, etc, most notably making the You Choose, You Lose episode (Robot, lv 3) more playable.There's a new upgrade path for Jester - Healing! Use lifesteal and shield-piercing effects to get to full health, then thwack the baddies with a sword that gets stronger the more health you have! Standing Ovation (a new Finale card) also aids in keeping you alive for longer.

Quite a few bugs have been squashed, such as Plague Wave and Tickly Nose having working upgrades. Sorceress now correctly uses a combination of Witch spells, both new and old, oh my! I'm trying to steer away from changing the enemies too much with this mod, but that seemed like an obvious alteration to make.


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Apr 01, 2019

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