Initial launch kinda!

So, here it is - a library of 98 "new", "inventive" items for your Dicey Dungeons experience. There's a huge list of items - from the ordinary Swordstave (deal [] damage, inflict a status) to the advanced Shield Scrap (convert your shielding into random dice), to the just plain weird Emergency Coolant (freeze yourself, restore 1 health?) A brief overview of the changes this makes:

  • Warrior
    • Added new level up options (Swordstave (lv 3), Shield Scrap (lv 5))
    • Added slight theming to his loot drops - he'll occasionally get slightly nudged into a poison build
    • Increased the amount of loot drops and shops
  • Thief:
    • Added new level up option (Shatter (lv 3))
    • Increased the amount of loot drops, shops, etc
  • Robot:
    • Added new level up options (Drill Arm (lv 3), Inspect Element (lv 5))
    • Reworked the loot drops found (will always find Overheat and Emergency Coolant on level 3, unless playing You Choose, You Lose)
  • Inventor:
    • Added new level up option (Recharge (lv 3)) and altered some others
    • Added 4 new gadgets: Ice Burn, Padlock, Leech Life, Goop Gun
    • Slightly increased the frequency of shops; purchasing items is more required than before
  • Witch:
    • Reworked level up rewards to be grouped into "buckets" - fire/ice, shock/weaken, poison/healing are the first 3 options.
    • This level up choice is reflected in the spells found and featured in shops
  • Jester:
    • Added 2 more level up themes - Weakening and Countdowns
    • Level Up rewards now contain a choice between 3 "duplicate" items
    • Slightly tweaked item distribution

In general, this mod does what it says on the tin. Just adds more fluff for you to find during your runs, and maybe include in a build or two!

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Mar 29, 2019

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