More Fluff 2.4 - christmas has come early!


I've been slowly but surely working on more items (and some slight balance changes) and I feel like I've got enough to bundle them into the mod - enjoy a free update of over 200 new items! This has warranted an icon change though...

  • Now featuring a new status effect - Stun! It works like Shock, but makes the item completely unuseable for a turn.
  • 4 new Jester paths - value, delayed random blessings, essences, and random status effects!
  • New, wacky Witch spells such as Flip Flop (spellbook manipulation) and Mass Grimoire (use ALL your spells!)

  • Incredibly strong items like Insult to Injury, which gives you an extra turn for a countdown of only 12[0]
  • More terrible puns, like Snail Bat, Duplihate and Min Night Charm!

  • Much-needed nerfs to some of the totally not overpowered items like Swordstave
  • Approximately 2 trillion description fixes for upgrades and downgrades

This is (hopefully!) going to be the last major update for More Fluff until better modding support arrives - until then, have fun!

[0] disclaimer: may or may not give you an extra turn

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Dec 18, 2019

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