More Fluff 2.0 is out!

So! Finally! Only 20 days after my previous deadline, here it is - one finished bundle of items.

Dicey Dungeons v1.5 is upon us, and with it I bring a myriad of new stuff! I've been waiting to upload this for a while, but delays, updates, and all kinds of things have unfortunately set this mod's release back more than I'd have liked. (One nail in the coffin was the Marshmallow rule...) So, finally, I've gotten off my ass and finished up this mod.

This mod adds 431 new items to the game (and this is EXCLUDING PU variants) - there's quite a lot of new stuff to savour! There's obviously far too many items to list in this devlog, so the best way to experience this is to dive right back into the game. Enjoy!

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