More Fluff 2.0 - coming Soon™!

Hey all!

Just a quick devlog to say that More Fluff is very close to being updated to be 1.0 compatible!

414 items!

With the help of scripts, the dicecord, and the wikipedia page of lists of historical weaponry, I'm pretty content with how much content is contained in the mod right now. 414 items (probably a little less after I do some cleanup). There's plenty of regular items, more than enough filler items that mesh together well with existing stuff... and of course, plenty of weird items!

The reason behind this huge delay is that there's just so much new stuff been added in 1.0! My mod only covered the first 4 episodes for each character; now with Parallel Universe and Bonus Round being added, that's necessitated making almost doubling the amount of items in here. And of course, the more items I added, the more slight bugs I found...

However, most (!) of these bugs have been squashed by now. Assuming everything goes well and I don't bump into any more gamebreaking glitches, More Fluff should be available for download some time this week. There's still a few hiccups to flatten out, but hopefully I'll have this finished soon enough!

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how can I download an older version of the mod? Im interested in a few things that youve done!